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Unitatea Consolidată Pentru Implementarea și Monitorizarea Programului de Restructurare a Sectorului Vitivinicol



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Selection of Local Consultant for the vacant position of:

PR Specialist



Agriculture sector, CONSULTING SERVICES

Finance Contract (Serapis N° 2010-0484)

The Republic of Moldova has received financing (Loan) in the amount of EUR 75 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to undertake the ”Wine Sector Restructuring Program” - that will address the structural weaknesses in the Moldovan wine industry, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for related consulting services to be procured under this project. The services required by Project will be provided by a locally full-time hired PR Specialist.

The main objectives of the assignment are to provide support to PIU on the following:

1.      The PR Specialist shall provide overall coordination of the “Filiere du Vin” Program (PIU) - PR activities.


Main Duties and Scope of Work

a.    Overall organizing and assisting the PIU on the entire spectrum of PR activities necessary for the program.

b.    Foresee and lead implementation/resolution of PR-related activities of the Project (elaborate short term strategies – linked to the results of certain large investment activities);

c.    Plan and conduct PR/promotion activities via different media sources: radio, TV advertising, seminars, Program web page, etc.

d.    Maintain Program visibility on a satisfactory level and continuously elaborate publications, articles on Program implemented/on-going activities. 

e.    Coordinate the on-going PR-related activities, interact with selected/related PR services suppliers;

f.     Constantly update and improve the content of Project website - with “fresh” events and news in order to maintain transparency and good visibility of Program’s activities (www.winemoldova.md, Facebook page of the Program, other online portals).

g.    Oversee and provide quality control to the design of publicity and informational materials on Project implementation. The PR Specialist will be responsible for overseeing and providing the Project quality control and advice on the following:

·     Design of publicity and information material to be broadcasted/ published by/in mass-media resources and on the website of the Project.

·     Design and regular update of the information on the Project website.

·     Coordinate the design/improvement of Project’s logo, PR campaign’ slogan and motto

·     Development and issue of press-releases

h.    Develop necessary TORs/technical specifications necessary for selection of suitable PR Company(s) or companies that will be in charge/help in implementing complex PR activities.

i.     Provide support in selecting PR Company (ies) that will be in charge/help in implementing complex PR activities, monitor and coordinate the selected companies.

j.     Provide organizational support to the EIB coordinated TA.


The CONSOLIDATED UNIT FOR IMPLEMENTING AND MONITORING THE WINE SECTOR RESTRUCTURING PROGRAM now invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants must provide information on the below minimum qualification requirements, indicating that they are qualified to perform the services:

a.      Academic background (in journalism or communication would be an advantage);

b.      At least 3 years of professional experience in communication (preferably in projects financed by international organizations);

c.      Experience in organizing and implementing PR campaigns (involving TV, radio, written media, web media).

d.      Excellent computer skills;

e.      Excellent knowledge of Romanian (good knowledge of English).

Interested applicants are requested to submit their CVs (in Romanian or English, with mark “PR Specialist” in the subject line) to the e-mail below by July 28, 2014:  office@winemoldova.md For additional information please call: 022 260906.

MD-2023, Republica Moldova, mun. Chișinău, str. calea Basarabiei 18, etajul 2 Tel: 22 260 903