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Consolidated Unit for Implementing and Monitoring the Wine Sector Restructuring Program



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Eligible Projects

An investment project under the program is an aggregation of investments in tangible and intangible assets made ​​by a potential beneficiary after 31.03.2010 and those to be made during the implementation of the investment project and MAY CONSIST of the following investment items, as follows:

  • Long- and medium-term tangible and intangible assets (equipment for primary processing of grapes, production, filtering, maturation and storage of wine, packaging of finished products);
  • Capital repair and reconstruction of units for the primary processing of grapes, production halls, warehouses for storage of finished products, greenhouses for production of seedlings etc.;
  • Restructuring of vineyards - from clearing of poor plantations to planting of technical varieties of vines;
  • Building of vintries and wine cellars, warehouses, manufacturing buildings, auxiliary buildings (storage of wine machinery and tools) etc.;
  • Procurement of machinery for work in the vineyard (tractors, combines with necessary accessories, various specialized tools);
  • Installation of irrigation systems and vineyards protection systems;
  • Construction of water purification systems, building of boiler rooms and other systems and auxiliary buildings necessary for the proper functioning of the wine production process in the winery;
  • Equipment and modernization of laboratories in wineries and nurseries.


Non-eligible Activities:

  •  plantation of table grape varieties; 
  •  financing of purchase of agricultural land; 
  •  financing of recoverable fees; 
  • purchase of finished goods for consumption and/or trade;
  • expenditures for military purposes, nuclear reactors and parts thereof, any activity that includes radioactive materials and products;
  •  luxury goods used for consumption;
  • release of genetically modified organisms into the natural environment;
  •  production, distribution and sale of illegal pesticides;
  • products containing asbestos;
  •  other equipments and machineries containing substances regulated by international conventions.

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