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Filiere du Vin program funded by the end of September 30 investment projects totaling over 33 million to 28 beneficiaries to increase the quality of local wines by planting vines, investing in winery equipment, in related industry and for upgrading laboratories of specialized educational institutions.

Loans under the "Filiere du Vin" attracted additional investments from the the beneficiaries as part of the own contribution in the amount of over 36 million euros in the modernization of the wine and connected sector.

Investment per program components are distributed as follows: wine - 50%, viticulture - 30% related industry - 15%, and for the laboratories of educational institutions – minimum 5 percent.


According to the distribution per program components cumulatively till the end of September were distributed 21.6 million euros in winemaking, viticulture 3.7 million, sources provided for: planting vines, purchase of tractors, combines and other agricultural plantations, modernization of enterprises, laboratory equipment, acquisition of technological lines for production and packaging of wine, buying equipment for refrigeration and wine storage vessels.


4 million of euros of loan disbursed were contracted by enterprises in related industries to improve the quality of packaging and labeling of wines and over 3 million invested in the modernization of educational institutions and research laboratories in the field, such as the Technical University of Moldova and Scientific Institute - Practical Horticulture.


The Loans from Wine Sector Restructuring Program can be contracted by small businesses starting from 25,000 euros and by manufacturers who have used and over then 3.6 million euros.


Through the program "Filiere du Vin", the Government Invest during teh period of 2012 - 2016, 75 million euros in upgrading the wine sector and thus increasing the quality of local wines. The money comes as a loan from the European Investment Bank and can be contracted on concessional terms with an interest rate below the market for a period of up to 10 years and a grace period of up to four years. The program offers also exemptions from import duties and VAT for equipment purchased.

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