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Consolidated Unit for Implementing and Monitoring the Wine Sector Restructuring Program



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Date: 08 May, 2014

Location: UCIMPRSVV, str. Calea Bassarabia 18, 2nd floor, Chisinau





  •   Luca Ponzellini - Senior Loan Officer Lending Operations in Eastern Neighbours, Southern Caucasus & Central Asia, European Investment Bank ;

  •  Veronica Jurminschi - Deputy Chief Executive of Credit Line Directorate,

  •  Maria Vîlcu – Main Expert of Credit Line Directorate;

  • Andrei Plămădeală – Financial Manager Raiffeisen Leasing Moldova,

  •  Pavel Ababii- Marketing and Sales Director Raiffeisen Leasing,

  • Elena Usova- Risk Manager Raiffeisen Leasing;

  •  UCIMPRSVV team.

The roundtable was held under the title " The Partnership Relationships within the Wine Sector’s Restructuring Program: Launching the " Leasing Operations " Component” .

The event was organized at the initiative of the European Investment Bank and a number of important topics were discussed, related to the successful launch of the next component of the Program " Leasing Operations ".

Representatives of the Credit Line Directorate, of the leasing company Raiffeisen Leasing, EIB and UCIMPRSVV team discussed the concept and the implementation scheme of  the leasing operations within the Moldovan Wine Sector’s Restructuring Program.

Another important topic discussed at the meeting was  the selection and approval of the Specialized Partner Institutions (SPI) as  Wine Sector Restructuring Program’s partners.

Participants exchanged views on the topics discussed regarding the collaboration and the efficient implementation of this Component .

Emphasizing the contribution of all the partners in financing this sector, Filiere du Vin thanked the partners for their interest, cooperation and effort for the successfull launch and implementation of  the Program’s Component " Leasing Operations " .


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