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Within the “Filiere du Vin” Program, there have been made investments of 1million 300 thousand euros in the endowment of the Oenology Department from the Technical University of Moldova. These being the first investments made in the last 50 years. 

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According to the last estimates, the wine sector remains to be a strategic sector for the Moldovan economy, in this branch operating approximately 200 thousand people and the wine production being 25 per cent from the total volume of Moldovan exports, Moldova having deep traditions in grape and wine production.

Ion Bostan, Rector of Technical University of Moldova, PhD, professor, academician: "Even if the cost to equip and renovate the Department of Oenology is large, about 2.7 million, it is necessary to do everything that depends on us to improve and modernize this industry. Technical University of Moldova came up with its own contribution of 1.4 million euros that has been allocated for major repairs of laboratories, a condition required by EIB. The university staff has been fully involved in the development and the implementation of the investment project, thus attracting these funds of 1.3 million euro, offered by the Government of Republic of Moldova and the European Investment Bank under the "Filiere du Vin" Programed. I am convinced that no matter how much hard work is undertaken during the grapes harvesting, we will never obtain a high-quality finished product without any scientific activity, without innovations and without applying new technologies. The most important investments at this stage are those in training and instructing the specialists”

Tatiana Rusu, a 4th year student, is working in the laboratory of Enology, on her graduate thesis, using the most modern equipment, checks the risk of oxygenation, thus checking the alteration risks of three types of wines: “I am happy for having the opportunity to use high qualitative lab equipment. It gives the possibility to exactly determine the "personality" of the product. Here's a sample with fermentation yeasts, Cabernet Sauvignon, the concentration is 1.92 milligrams per liter, is not bad in principle. Each wine has its specifics, for example, this mature white wine has 0,91 milligrams per liter, I would say it is low”.

 Until the renovation, in this laboratory we could find only distillers for alcohol determination and simple water baths for wine heating and treatment. Today, however, students and teachers work with modern lab equipment that provides a qualitative investigation of wine.

 Sorina Crudu, PhD, senior lecturer: "Here, we determine the ‘health status’ of the wine, then the basic indicators and outcome, thus deciding which will be the scheme of wine treatment. We should stabilize it before bottling, especially for ensuring the stability for a long period of time. Here we have some wine samples for determining the presence of heavy metals and iron content, in order to avoid wine disturbance that might lead to its instability ".

For the endowment and renovation of the Oenology Department with the most modern equipment, it was invested 2 million 700 thousand euros, with the support of Ministry of Agriculture and the European Investment Bank, through the Filiere du Vin Program.

 Professor Anatol Balanuta, head of Oenology Department, TUM: "We had the opportunity to acquire the most modern equipment for both educational and scientific research processes. Now we have a gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer, liquid chromatograph and a Bahus device. This equipment provides a more detailed and deep research in the development of new technologies.   Moreover, now we can establish a closer relationship with foreign universities, we can even declare of being better equipped than some European universities. But the most important is that the students will be highly trained according to international standards. Now I can say with certainty that the students will receive knowledge using the most modern laboratory equipment ".

 The Oenology Department from the Technical University of Moldova has been equipped with the support of the Government of RM, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, through the "Filiere du Vin" Program,  from a 75 million loan for restructuring the vine and wine sector, offered to the Republic of Moldova by the European Investment Bank, a loan of which minimum of 5% being reserved for the development of wine profile laboratories and educational institutions.

Vladislav Resitca, the Dean of the Food Industry Technology and Management Faculty, TUM, Associate Professor, PhD: "There is no way to restructure and modernize the vine and wine sector without having well trained professional staff.  I would like to thank the Filiere du Vin team for the efforts in the implementation of this project and the Government of RM for supporting the Educational Component. We appreciate the assistance from European Investment Bank for upgrading one of the most strategic sectors from the Moldovan economy".

Within the Filiere du Vin Program there is also another ongoing investment project for endowment and renovation of the National College of Viticulture and Winemaking in Chisinau. The investments of millions of euros will be directed to the creation of the first Center of Excellence in wine-growing and wine-making.

There are also projects that will support the modernization of professional schools with wine profile in Leova and Nisporeni Districts. Thus, pupils and students from several educational institutions will be able to receive good educational conditions according to European standards.  Students from such modernized institutions will be employed by important wine producers of Moldova, who have invested millions of euros in upgrading their wineries and thus improved the quality of local wines. The young specialists will have the opportunity to work in highly-modern equipped laboratories and with their studies will contribute to the improvement of the wine quality!


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