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Parliament approved the investment project "Fruit Garden of Moldova" worth 120 million euros.

On the 02.04.2015, at the hearing of Parliament was ratified the contract for funding the project "Fruit Garden of Moldova" which will support the development of the horticultural sector in our country. For this scope, European Investment Bank provided a loan of 120 million euros.

Potential beneficiaries of the project are over 300 businesses operating in horticulture sector and over 52 thousand farms. Education and research institutions with horticulture profiles will be modernized in order to achieve international quality standards.

The credits will be offered for a period of up to 10 years. The "Fruit Garden" will be available through commercial banks and through leasing companies, which unlike the classic credit, does not require collateral, providing greater opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

The money will be used for the creation and modernization of orchards, procurement of equipment for improving resource efficiency in production, processing, post-harvest handling and logistics; providing training and research specific to the sector. 






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