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Consolidated Unit for Implementing and Monitoring the Wine Sector Restructuring Program



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About the program

Wine Sector Restructuring Program (Program) was designed by the Government of Moldova and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to address the structural weaknesses of the Moldovan wine industry. According to the Financing Contract signed on November 23, 2010, EIB granted Moldova a loan of 75 million EUR, designed to achieve the Programme objective.

The program Aim is to contribute to country's wine industry redressing and promotion of wine Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O) and Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I).

Program Objectives:

  • Restructuring of wine sector and related industries (such as: producers of package, labels, corks, a.s.o.);
  • Improve quality and wine consistency produced in Moldova starting from vineyards quality till final packaging and product delivery;
  • Diversication of country’s markets by ensuring the authenticity of produced wines.

Programme Financial instruments offered to the Final Beneficiaries are:

  • Loans provided through Participant Financial Institutions (PFIs);
  • Leasing of wine related equipment and machinery implemented by UCIMPRSVV.

To achieve the programm purpose and objective, UCIMPRSVV will support companies from wine and related to it industry (companies producing packaging, labels, corks and other accessories) and educational and research institutions.

Distribution sub EIB by sub-sectors is as follows:


Percentage of the loan value ,%

Amount per beneficiary, Euro

For the wine sector, including:

  • Modernization of equipment and production machinery;
  • Construction/renovation of wine production halls;
  • Creation of cellars, wineries type chateau;
  • Extending existing winery activities.

Up to 50 percents from loan;

5 mln Euro

For the viticultural sector, including:

  • Restructuring and revitalization of productive vineyards, planting new vineyards;
  • Modernization of production equipment;
  • Vineyard mechanization processes;
  • Introduction of new technologies.

Up to 35 percents

mln Euro

For wine related industries:

  •  modernization of production equipment and machinery;

Up to 20 percents


For laboratories, training, education, training and development of food security

Minimum of 5 percents


The program will be implemented and monitored by Consolidated Unit for Implementing and Monitoring the Wine Sector Restructuring Programm(UCIMPRSVV), established by Government Decision no. 1005 from 26.10.2010.

UCIMPRSVV is a non-commercial and non-profit organization, which has been established and operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova. Is responsible for the full implementation of the Programme, including financial management, organization of procurement, disbursement, accounting, financial reporting, auditing, monitoring, performance indicators and program evaluation. The key functions of the Unit in program implementation are described in UCIMPRSVV Regulation (Annex 1 to Government Decision no. 1005 of 26.10.2010).

For the purposes of the "Line of Credit" Program, UCIMPRSVV will have the following functions:

  • Provide active assistance and consultancy to final beneficiaries and PFI’s regarding issues and procurement rules and environment;
  • Examination of investment projects for the compliance with the relevant instructions on the procurement and the environment;
  • Examining business plans of final beneficiaries;
  • Maintenance of Program account and summary program records regarding the use of Programm sources;
  • Presenting to the EIB the Allocation Request of resources for investment projects and final beneficiaries for approval;
  • Make disbursements from PIU designated accounts to PFI acording to the DLC requests for approved investment projects by EIB;
  • Collection of reports and data. Preparation, in a format acceptable to the EIB, the consolidated quarterly progress reports and annual financial management reports (FMR);
  • Organizing of External audit for Program accounts , as required by the financial management rules of EIB and national accounting standards.

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